The Pulp Archives

This page is dedicated to the pulps. Those beaten and well read paperbacks with the lurid covers and simplistic plotting that I just can't seem to get enough of. I plan on regularly updating this page as I add to the ever expanding collection of pulps I've read. 

You can also check out my Pick Up A Pulp series of blog posts for reviews. 

At the moment this is a collection of covers from my pulp reads - some of these books have been reviewed on my blog (if you can't find them in the tags, search the author name) others are on Goodreads (which pre-dates this blog). 

The Brat  Campus Tramp    

Lover, Don't Come Back!  The Cheaters  Seidlitz and the Super Spy  Dial "M" for Man

Unfaithful Wives  So, What Killed the Vampire?  Room to Swing  No Orchids For Miss Blandish

The Body (Al Wheeler Mysteries)  Terror Comes Creeping  The Case of the Murdered Madame  Benny Muscles In

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